T2Yan 001 icon reviews "Yet another Chinese restaurant to try. And I'm glad I did. This is a   smallish place with a pleasant atmosphere, warm & cozy, more so than many other Chinese places. I had the hot and sour soup which was somewhat hot and nicely sour though I like more vinegar. Good flavor. The main menu dishes are arranged like some Thai menus where you chose the style and then pick whichever meat (or non-meat) you want. I picked the Sichuan style dish with pork which ended up being yummy Chinese BBQ Pork in big chunks. The sauce and the veggies were very delicious, better than most I've had. I'll be back Nobbi L - Folsom, CA


 T2Yan 002icon reviews " Difficult to spot when coming from Riley St and Glenn, but the best way I tell people to get here is to go into the Walmart parking lot and it's across the lot in an obscure-looking building.Open late until about 2AM so perfect for those late-night Chinese cravings if you're in the Folsom area. I would say that this is quite possibly my favorite Chinese place in this city. Service is quick, food is delicious, and servings are reasonable. They have a wide variety of dishes, but I highly recommend the Honey Walnut Shrimp and House Fried Rice.Interior is nicely decorated and inviting. I'm a fan of the bamboo wallpaper. They even have a small bar. Check them out, I've enjoyed all the dishes I've had here.Miss J  - Sacramento, CA



T2Yan 003icon reviews "Flying into town from NYC where we have some of the best chefs in the world, T2Yan was a pleasant surprise. Nice wood bar, trendy and low-lit ambient lighting with friendly and prompt service.Chinese food can have the uncanny ability for 4 different dishes to taste exactly the same...this place didn't follow that model. We shared several entrees that were all delectable! Lemon Chicken, T2 Special Chow Fun, Walnut Prawns and General's Crispy Beef. I recommend all...the lemon chicken and crispy beef being my favorites.Terri V - Manhattan, NY





T2Yan 004   

icon reviews "Lunch combination plate is Awesome very affordable. Chicken chow main Chicken fried rice and your choice of Orange Chicken, Kung Pow, General and MORE ! Lots to choose from Lunch time only $6. Closes at 2AM! Friday and Saturday Night at 11PM it turns into a great club atmosphere with music and Fun happening people.  I highly recommend the Po-Po Platter too.Full Bar and will deliver food for FREE if over $20 in Folsom! I live in El Dorado Hills and they meet me at the corner of Blue Ravine!!!! Love the FOOD to been here over 5 times with big groups and small and food always taste excellent"

  MacKenzie K - El Dorado Hills, CA

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